The Machine Learning API


automate data entry from documents

The Machine Learning API

Use OCULLO Object Detection API to

identify defects on parts in your production line


The Machine Learning API

Use OCULLO Object Detection API to

teach your drone to count solar panels


The Machine Learning API

Use OCULLO Image Classification API to

teach your app to see emotions


How it works

OCULLO makes machine learning simple

With OCULLO the process of building Deep Learning models is as simple as uploading your data. No parameter tuning. No need to bother about finding the right infrastructure to host your models. Just show us a few samples that the model can learn from and wait for the magic. We build train and host the model so you just need to add 2 lines of code to your codebase and you’re good to go

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Scope of use across Industries

Grow toll and parking lot revenues by capturing license plate numbers. Increase parking lot efficiency by identifying empty spots. Capture container numbers in ports to reduce wait time and save money.

Provide superlative CX by approving claims for mobile and car insurance in seconds. Plug leaky funnels with faster & frictionless KYC. Extract key information from forms, invoices, ID Card (Driver's License, PAN, National IDs).

Use OCULLO to reduce the manual effort in going through drone footage. Automate detection of defects, counting objects and tracking. Run analysis in real time or analyze the footage post collection as either images or video.

Use OCULLO to always find the right location. Through your catalog of images intelligently extract tags of places and locations. Increase revenue and engagement by showing the users the right content for their needs.

Extract tags from images to maintain high quality content. Filter unacceptable content for your platform and make sure your users see the appropriate content. Create rules to give your user the best experience.

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